Freshmarket Hub serves to connect businesses with the providers of fresh produce products through a trading portal specially designed to optimize the transparency, refine and improve procurement processes with the goal to have greater cost control over produce items. Freshmarket Hub offers over 300 variation of weekly imported fresh produce items in coordination with our trusted suppliers.

What makes our Freshmarket Hub the best trading place?

Freshmarket Hub is open to Wholesalers, Growers, Retailers, Restaurateurs and everyone who loves fresh produce. We provide the platform for our suppliers, big or small, to showcase their produce prices in a fair and controlled environment.

Freshmarket Hub operates as an independent trust account in a highly secured environment for the offer of perishable items.

Social responsibility

Freshmarket Hub is extremely conscious of the role we can play in supporting our local communities in a socially responsible and sustainable way. We believe that our stakeholders should be informed and conscious about price and produce developments for the comfort of their profession, trade and yield.

Freshmarket Hub uses the basic Principle of Procurement as backbone for our business strategy. As a service company focused on procurement, Freshmarket Hub’s most significant impact revolves around transparency, integrity, economy, openness, fairness, competition and accountability that we deliver to our clients.

Freshmarket hub encourages connections and for business to dream big by ensures that our customers gets most of our partnership through:

  • Your transition with Freshmarket Hub goes smoothly.
  • Remaining connected with you even after implementation.
  • Ensuring you attain the best value from our partnership.
  • Working directly with all properties.
  • Availability by phone, email or on-site.

We invite you to experience our excellent service and the largest variety of fresh produce for Aruba here at Freshmarket Hub.

  • Mission

    Our mission is to provide a secure, transparent and business- friendly environment from which the producers and buyers, big or small, strive to make Freshmarket Hub their foremost setting for their choice of sale and purchase of fresh produce.

  • Vision

    Freshmarket Hub's vision is to connect Buyers and Suppliers of produce in a Socially Responsible and Sustainable way.

  • Values

    Our Value uses the basic Principle of Procurement which are transparency, integrity, economy, openness, fairness, competition and accountability.

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